30 July 2023

Seddon Park Celebrates 117 Years

Seddon Park celebrates 117 years since it was named. Established in 1886 as an unnamed and undeveloped expanse, it emerged alongside Hamilton during its budding stages, serving an infant settlement of less than 1000 people.

This same year marked an important transition for the area as it fell under the supervision of the Hamilton Domain Board. This board looked after Seddon Park until the 1950s when the board's functions were merged with the Hamilton City Council.

In retrospect, we also pay tribute to community leaders who preserved the land for recreational use. However, after coming under the domain board's control, Seddon Park remained a swampy paddock, grazed and cropped with oats for some time. Despite its rustic beginnings, the park hosted occasional sporting meetings leading up to a significant turning point in 1906.

On July, 30 of that year, the domain board collectively named the park "Seddon Park," honouring the late Prime Minister Richard John Seddon. Seddon, a towering figure both physically and politically, had a profound impact on New Zealand's history.

The title Seddon Park encompassed all the land between Norton Road and the railway line, and improvements were soon to follow. By 1908, the park had become the town's premier cricket ground, and a grandstand was erected shortly after.

July, 30 marks a very special anniversary as we honour the park's rich history and its transformation from an undeveloped paddock to a renowned sporting venue. Congratulations Seddon Park on 117 years, we look forward to many more years of celebrating sporting, recreation, and community events.

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