15 November 2023

Secondment success paving the way for Claudia McNeill

H3 has announced the promotion of Claudia McNeill to the position of Conference and Functions Manager. The move is in response to Claudia’s ability to seize opportunities and gain valuable experience when offered.

In just under two years, Claudia has progressed from a coordinator role to a position of greater responsibility by taking secondments that have significantly increased her exposure to a variety of roles within the organisation.

Two secondment opportunities included a Volunteer Programme Manager for HSBC Sevens Tournament and Event Manager for FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Activations with the H3 Major Events team.

Claudia was able to rise to new challenges and understood that both events would be a once in a lifetime experience.

“Both opportunities were a big step outside my comfort zone with new challenges and completely new experiences. I enjoyed the fast-paced nature of each event, I made some awesome new friends, learned so much and felt a great sense of shared pride and accomplishment with each of the teams I worked with.”

“Through each secondment I gained exposure into new areas of the business and new areas of event management. I gained the confidence to make important decisions quickly, think on the spot and adapt to new challenges as they arose.”

Although there were many highlights during Claudia’s secondments, there was two that stood out.

“A highlight during the HSBC Sevens was seeing the volunteers that I looked after making connections with each other and having a genuinely really great time in their work. A big highlight during the FIFA Women’s World Cup was seeing so many young kids interacting with the tournament and getting really involved with sport while having a great time.”

“I am extremely lucky to have had the chance to take each of these secondments and very grateful for the H3 team who supported and guided me through each.”

Commenting on Claudia’s well-deserved promotion, Ben Slatter, Director of Operations H3, said “Claudia’s tireless efforts and commitment to her roles have propelled her to this milestone in her career. As a well-liked employee who inspires colleagues with her ability to grasp opportunities, we trust Claudia will excel in her new role within H3.”

H3’s talented team of event specialists provide a range of services to support and enhance your event experience. The professionalism Claudia and the conference and functions team provide to clients sets H3 apart. For a team that delivers the very best in experiences visit h3group.co.nz.

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