03 April 2019

Floodlights replacement set to commence at Seddon Park

Work to replace sports floodlighting at Seddon Park begins on 8 April.

In December, Hamilton City Council voted in favour of fast-tracking a major $4.7M renewal project to replace the four floodlights the city’s international and domestic First Class cricket ground, on the verge of the central business district.

An inspection in 2018 of the floodlights and the towers on which they sit led to concerns over their condition and their ability to withstand strong winds in the long term.

Starting on 8 April, they will be replaced with new technology and structures, and LED lighting fittings which will mean the lights can be switched on immediately with no need for the “warming up” phase required for the current lights.

Chad Hooker, Operations Director for the Council’s H3 division, says the project is an important milestone for Seddon Park and cements Hamilton’s position as an international cricket venue.

“International matches at Seddon Park are broadcast into homes and businesses around the world,” Mr Hooker says. “Those matches mean Hamilton, and our venue, are seen by millions of people in numerous countries – a real positive for our city’s reputation and attracting visitors.”

Mr Hooker says the project to replace the lights is significant, and will last for about 12 weeks.
“A lot of detailed planning has gone into this project and the sheer scale of the job means it will be very visible to residents and motorists passing by,” Mr Hooker says.

Removal of the existing lights and installation of the new towers will require the use of a large crane. The new lights and towers will be assembled on-site before being lifted into their positions.

Mr Hooker says the contractors involved in the project will work clockwise around the ground, starting with the tower closest to the Bryce St-Seddon Rd intersection, on 8 April. The use of the crane and size of vehicles used to get the equipment and fittings on to the site means there will be some temporary road closures around Seddon Park over the course of approximately 10 days.

8 April and 9 April: Intermittent brief road closures at the Seddon Rd-Bryce St intersection, from 5.30am to 6pm. Vehicles will be entering/exiting Circus Park, at the southern (Wintec) end of Seddon Park.

10 April and 11 April:  Full closure of Seddon Rd, from Somerset St to Bryce St, from 5.30am to 6pm. No traffic permitted through the site.

16 and 17 April: Intermittent brief road closures Tristram St, from London St to Bryce St, from 5.30am to 6pm. Vehicles will be entering/exiting via the service entry to Seddon Park, on the Tristram St side.

The project is weather dependent and the times and dates of the road closure are subject to change if conditions are not favourable.

The entire project will be documented in a short video which will be made public once work is completed.

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