05 December 2018

Council confirms Seddon Park floodlights replacement

Work to replace the floodlights at Hamilton’s Seddon Park will commence next year following a decision by Hamilton City Council.

The city’s cricket ground, operated by the Council’s H3 events and venues division, is lit by four floodlight towers for day-night cricket, at both international and domestic level, and some corporate fixtures

The current floodlights are now 18 years old and the performance of the lamps has dwindled over time. Expert advice is the floodlights have reached the end of their life and during an assessment earlier this year, they showed clear signs of deterioration – including within the tower structures.

Findings from the assessment prompted staff to recommend to the Council bring forward a planned renewal of the floodlights. A comprehensive business case was prepared and presented to the Council’s Finance Committee at its monthly meeting yesterday (Tuesday 4 December).

Sean Murray, the Council’s General Manager for Venues, Tourism and Major Events, says the Council has opted to pursue what is considered the most cost-effective option available – a $4.7M project which will see existing towers, floodlights and lamps completely replaced with new structures and LED lighting technology.

The cost of the project will be managed from within the Council’s existing budgets and no extra funding is required. The new energy efficient LED technology will deliver a cost saving over 15 years, and mitigate some of the health and safety challenges of maintaining the existing assets.

 “The decision by the Council reaffirms Seddon Park’s status as an international cricket venue,” Mr Murray says.

“Seddon Park is an important city asset and when international games are broadcast from the venue it reinforces Hamilton’s reputation as a city that can deliver world-class events to an exceptional standard.

“The venue and the team managing it have a very strong reputation within international cricket circles,” he says.

The existing floodlights will be used through the 2018-2019 season – which includes four day-night short-format international cricket matches – with work to replace the structures and lighting technology beginning in April, once the park’s schedule of matches has concluded.

Known for its “village green” setting, Seddon Park hosts between three and five international cricket matches every year.

It was first used for cricket in 1914, and became an international cricket venue in 1981 with its first One Day International, followed by its first Test in 1991. Seddon Park hosted matches during the 1992 and 2015 editions of the ICC Cricket World Cup – the game’s premier tournament.

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